Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to HOMETOWN: Day 2

1. How to get Birth. Cert. for passport?
My mum is holding birth. cert. of everyone no matter how old are you or how mature are you.
2. How to go outstation?
Tested water. Even Taiwan cannot go. What to do? Only God can do this job.
3. The spirit of family is getting negative. Only father is quite strong to his own.
The "sa dan" spirit is getting stronger. I should be stronger to defeat him! stupid sa dan! Hmm! My God is stronger! Who scare you!

1. Wrote a letter to Uncle John's family.
To appreciate them and their life besides always hosting me.
2. Bought chocolate for mum and aunties.
To appreciate their life.
3. Received not bad result!
Praise To The LORD! Hallelujah! Better than previous few times!
4. Helped in house chords.
Washing plates, open gates, hang up baju and fold baju. COntinue to discipline!
5. Equip!
News, Books! BiBLE.

1. Strong in Spirit! Spiritual warfare!
2. Overcome all barriers at home! Make a difference!
3. Win all wars! Joshua!
4. Click with God!
5. Discipline Jaya!
6. Open up the gates of hearts of family!

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