Tuesday, December 15, 2009


How to have A Meaningful Quiet Time - Rick Warren

This simple, thin and cheap book really changed my perspective in reading bible. Holy Spirit is moving in me that "Hey..Do you know this and this? It's enormous! Get a try!"
Within my heart...It rings..
"Yeah! I see! I want!!! I know something great is in every words in Bible!!! It will be very cool and amazing. The life full of WoG..."
Jesus really reveals me that this is not a day to day duty... It is not a reading.. But something awesome! A worshiping! Bread that makes me more hunger for God! It's indescribable through words!

*If you want to have a copy from me, do inform me. I will photocopy for ya! Do not miss it! I guarantee ya you will never have so much fun in enjoying the spirit imparted through the book can make changes in your life!

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